Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 12

Dear Daddy,
Today I had a busy day. I played with Julia when I woke up and later we went to the park. I was so tired I took a nap but Grandma woke me up because she wanted me to nap when Mommy got home so Mommy could nap too. 
When Mommy got home I was so happy to see her I tackled her and kissed her alot and she was laughing so hard. I played ball with her for a little bit and then Tia Dani watched me while she took a shower. Mommy was tired she was hoping I'd nurse and fall asleep so she could sleep too but I bit her and she wasn't too happy so she put me in my crib. She just laid in bed while I cried for a few minutes but I was tired so I grabbed my Pepe and fell asleep within five minutes. Mommy saw I was asleep so she took a nap. I woke up an hour later because I wanted the boob and we both slept until about five thirty. 
After we got up from our nap Mommy took me into the living room and let me play while she got my dinner ready. I ate and then Grandma got home from work. Mommy and her had to go buy a present for Baby Alicia because her baby shower is this weekend so we went to target. I was getting cranky and wanted to go home but Mommy was being her usual indecisive self and couldn't pick out a present. Finally we left and when we got home it was ready for our bedtime routine.
Mommy is still having me do the whole crying it out routine and I gave her more of a hard time tonight. I did fall asleep standing up on my crib and Mommy was laughing and wanted to get a picture to put on here but when she took it I woke up. I ended up falling asleep a few minutes later since I was very, very tired.
Love you,

PS: Mommy said that on your half of the world it's your birthday today! Happy third best day evo!

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