Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 3

Dear Daddy,
I started off the day before the crack of dawn. I decided to wake up at four in the morning and I didn't want to go to sleep. Mommy was not happy at all! She tried feeding me and patting me to sleep but she didn't understand that I had so much to do today that I wanted to get an early start! I mean, I needed to go play with my ball, and my truck. Then I had to have her build a tower for me so I could knock it over. Then I had to go close all the doors in the house and try to knock all of grandma's decorations off the tables. And she wanted me to sleep?!? I started to cry but the woman thought I was teething, which come to think about it I think I am, and thought that maybe I wasn't feeling well. So around 5 gave me some motrin and then put me in my crib and put a movie on for me so I could get drowsy. She fell asleep while my movie was playing and then I decided to wake her up when it was done. I decided, hey, she's up already, why not leave her a gift? So she had to change my diaper at 5:30...reminded me of the good old days when I was a baby and my diaper had to be changed throughout the night. I decided to give her a break and go back to sleep until 9.
After breakfast and getting dressed and resuming my daily duties of knocking all my toys out of the toy bin and then finding a water 
bottle to play with, Mommy decided it was time to go buy some things at Target and other places. Soon it was time for lunch and Mommy, Grandma & Julia decided to stop at Red Robin. Here I am looking over at the menu and trying to decide on what I wanted.  I wanted some clucks and fries but Mommy said no. I did get some pieces of hamburger meat though and it was good! I wanted some freckled lemonade but Mom says I can't have strawberries yet. After that, we went to Burlingame Avenue and I got some yummy frozen yogurt at Harmony's. Its all organic and is super delicious! Mommy says that soon she is going to have to buy me my own cup because I don't want to share anymore! It's too good to share!
Mommy said that she got your message that you're in Kuwait already and that you're safe and will call us or let us know when you get to Iraq. I cant wait to hear your voice and send you kisses through the phone! I love you so much and miss you more and more each day. Mommy does too. We both can't wait for you to come home so we can have a Mommy, Daddy & Gabie sandwich hug! Take care

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