Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 15

Dear Daddy,
We got to talk to you today! I was so happy. Mommy was getting frustrated because you called twice and she couldn't hear you. I told her that you would be calling again and to just relax but you know the 'ol woman. 
I know Mommy told you already but today we went to Nino Evito's baby shower. It was at Coyote Point and there were so many people. I was tired when we got there around 1 because I hadn't taken a nap all day. As soon as I got there though I saw Grandma, Grandpa, Tia Brenda, Abuela Nena and all my Aunties and Uncles and cousins so I didn't want to sleep anymore. I went on the swings and went for a walk. It started getting really windy, who would've thought that yesterday it was really hot? After awhile I started getting really fussy because I was tired and hungry and wanted to just sleep and go to town on the boob. I played alot though and did take a nap in my stroller. When I woke up I ate some dinner but I wasn't really hungry. And Mommy thinks I have a sore throat and I was getting fussier and fussier so she gave me some Motrin and I hung out with Tia Brenda who took me for a walk, all bundled up in a tinkerbell blanket. I fell asleep later and before I knew it Mommy had put me in the car because we were finally going home. When we got home she made me some chicken noodle soup since I didn't eat well and some prunes because I hadn't pooped since yesterday. Then she gave me a bath and was getting me ready for bed when you called back and we talked to you. While Mommy talked to you I went out to the living room with Grandma and Julia and watched a video. Then I ate the boob when Mommy was done talking and then she put me in my crib. I went right to sleep after switching my Pepe over and over again without even fussing.
Love you Daddy,

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