Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 14

Dear Daddy,
It was really hot again today but luckily I had my swim class today! I had so much fun even though I had to wear the dumb swim cap again so water won't get in my ears. Mommy and teacher Lindsey say I'm getting much better and I can make balloon faces now but I just choose not to unless I feel like doing it. I am also getting better at jumping off the steps and swimming to Mommy. Oh, who am I kidding?! I'm the next Michael Phelps!
After swimming we went home and had dinner and I played around with my toys. Mommy said Grandpa wasn't coming over tonight so she took me on my walk. She didn't really want to go because it was too hot and didn't want me to get too hot. I got in my car and told her to just go and stop worrying. She's such a silly goose...she says I'm silly...yeah right.
When we got back from my walk I started getting fussy but It wasn't even 7 yet so Mommy figured she'd let me watch a Baby Einstein video while she got my bath ready. When my bath was ready she took my diaper off and decided to go crawl around so I could get some air. 
Then I spotted Big Bird and sat down with him to watch Baby Lamb until the woman put me in the tub.  She let me splash around for awhile and I got to eat my Peingin and my Ducks and that darn arch nemeny of the blow fish. After my bath Mommy put me in my diaper and we read "Love you Forever" and Mommy started tearing up. I would've made her stop reading but I like that book too. Still, we had to stick with tradition and read "Goodnight Moon" too. Then Momma nursed me and put me in bed. I am putting up less of a fight now with CIO (Crying-it-out) and was asleep within ten minutes of Mommy putting me in my crib. I believe she is quite pleased with me.
Love you and miss you so much. Can't wait to talk to you again, it feels like we haven't talked in a long time but I know you're not able to call everyday.

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