Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 7

Dear Daddy,
We finally heard from you today. Well, I didn't hear your voice because I was out for a walk with Grandpa when you called but Mommy told me that you called. I'm glad you called because she was being, what you both call, a "poop" since she hadn't talked to you. She told me you are doing good and that you told her to give me lots of hugs and kisses, which I received by the way. 
Today I had swim class. I hadn't been to class in about a month so it took some time getting used to the water. Plus, Mommy put those wretched earplugs and a weird rubber hat which I hated. But teacher Lindsey was patient with me and helped me swim even though I couldn't hear a thing that they were telling me to do because of the earplugs. 
Mommy hasn't taken any pictures of me lately because she forgot where she left her camera charger. I would give it to her since I know where it is but I wont because she keeps putting those ear plugs in my ears. She's too paranoid and needs to loosen know how the old lady is.
The 49ers won against the Raiders today, Daddy, so I was really happy. Mommy bought me a 49ers outfit today and I can't wait to wear it. Hopefully next year we can go to watch a football game as a family and then we can go get some chickie wings at Hooters. I can't wait. And I'll make sure Mommy gets a picture of me wearing that outfit...I guess I'll give her her charger back...
Love you so much and miss you more each day,

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