Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 6

Dear Daddy, 
Today I turned 11 months! Mommy was sad because she said I am growing up too quick. I don't get it, does she want me to stay little? She says I will always be her beautiful baby boy even when I'm your age Daddy.
Guess what? Grandma and Grandpa came to visit today and brought me my Mickey Mouse pinata for my birthday. I loved it and they had to take it away because I wanted to play with it and they thought I would squish it or rip it before the party. I can't wait till I can play with it. They bought a stick for me to hit the Mickey too! 
We still haven't heard from you, Daddy, but I told Mommy to not worry because you're probably just really busy out there in the Sandbox. I know when I go to the sandbox at the park I'm busy because I have to play with all the kids in there and squish sand in my toes and try some sand and then I throw some at Mommy, so I 'm sure you're doing the same too. 
Love you so much,

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