Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 13

Dear Daddy,
First of all, Happy Birthday! I know it probably stinks for you to have your birthday in the sandbox because your cake probably gets covered in sand. I told Mommy that we should make you a cake but it was too hot today to bake anything. Then I suggested that we go to the bakery and buy a cake but she said it was way too hot to walk to Burlingame Avenue. So out went my plan of eating some cake...
I did go to the park this morning with Julia and it was hot but I still had alot of fun. We went on the swings and I slid down the slide and then we played ball. I love the park, I wish our backyard was a park! I'd have so much fun!
On the way back from the park I took a nap and right before Mommy got home I woke up and ate lunch. We played for a little while and then it was time for my nap. Mommy and I both napped and we woke up very refreshed. I was so hot that I started getting really fussy and Mommy thought I was hungry so she gave me dinner. 
I was still fussing and then we went outside in my walker and I was racing mommy up and down the parking lot.
Finally Grandpa came by and we went for our walk while the ladies stayed and chit chatted. By the time I got home it was time for our nightly routine, bath, book, boob and bed. Mommy said that I left the tub dirty because I was filthy. She called me her little piggy, she's so silly! She read me some of the Curious George book but I wanted her to read Good Night Moon. After my meal Mommy put me in the crib and I fussed for a little bit and then I was down of the night. Mommy was very pleased. We'll see if she is lucky enough for me to be good tommorrow...buahahaha!

PS: Mommy was doing laundry and I decided to help her so she took me to the laundry room in the rolling hamper. Here I am sitting in the hamper after she brought me and the clean clothes back from the laundry room. She's so lucky to have such a helpful son like me!

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