Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 16

Dear Daddy,
     Today Mommy and I had a lazy day. We woke up late, well, I woke up early but she let me watch Baby Einstein in my crib and I let her go back to sleep for an extra hour because she wasn't feeling too well. Then Grandma came and got me and I told her to let my Mommy sleep some more so Grandma gave me breakfast and then Mommy woke up and she had breakfast while I played ball and with my other toys. After she was done she changed me and I started getting fussy because I was tired and wanted boob. I took a nap and Mommy took a shower and cleaned and did other Mommy stuff. When I woke up I ate lunch and then played a little. 
Mommy started organizing my toy bin so when she was done and she went to the kitchen to make herself lunch I decided to see what she would say if I pulled all the toys out of the bins...she wasn't too happy. She said no to me so I decided to mimic her, I shook my head and said "No" right back to her. She was in shock and said I was too young to talk back to to her...I know she cant stay mad at me for long though! I'm way too cute to be mad at!
We eventually took a nap together because Mommy wasn't feeling too well. I love taking naps with Mommy because I get to snuggle up with her. I wish you were here so you could've snuggled with us too! 
After our little nap we had to go grocery shopping so we went to Safeway and bought a bunch of stuff. By the time we got home I had a big surprise waiting for me...Grandma and Grandpa were there waiting for me. When I saw Grandpa I started walking towards him and Mommy let go of my hand and I took three steps all on my own. We went on our walk and when we came back I showed the Grandmas my little steps again. Grandma Gina is being paranoid that I'm going to start walking soon and that I'm going to be all over the place. Buahahaha! Little does she know!
One last thing...I overheard Grandma tell Mommy that she is thinking about getting me a portable DVD player for when we're in the car or going out somewhere! Im so happy! And I think I heard Mom said that she wants to get me another present...I have to search around to find the first present and see what else she's going to buy me! I'm just like Mommy, I want to know what the spize is!

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