Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 17

Dear Daddy,
Hi Daddy! Today I had a playdate with Brandon! When he got here I was taking a nap so Adrienne went and got some lunch for her and Mommy while Mommy stayed with Brandon and I slept. I woke up after they finished eating and that darn mother of mine didn't save me any frozen yogurt! She gave me some lunch and regular yogurt though, which wasn't the same as frozen yogurt but it got the job done.

Brandon and I played for awhile and he got slobber all over my toys but I didn't care, he's my best friend so his cooties are my cooties. 
Brandon started getting fussy so the Moms decided to take us for a walk so he would take a nap. We walked to Starbucks and they got something to drink while I played in my little car and Brandon slept. When we headed back home I played with my toys while Brandon slept for a little bit. After he woke up we got back to work on making a big mess and eating all the toys we could but since he had a short nap he was getting tired so they had to leave. Mommy and I took a nap too. 
By the time we woke up it was time for dinner so we did that, then Grandpa came by and we went on our walk. 
After our walk Mommy put me in the bathtub with tons and tons of bubbles! I liked the bubbles! I wanted to eat them! Which Mommy said didn't surprise her since I want to eat everything lately.
Love you and miss you Daddy,

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