Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 21

Dear Daddy,
Today I woke Grandma up really early, at 6 am! So we went to the living room and played for awhile and then I had breakfast. Around 9 we went to Grandma and Grandpa's to visit until we had to go pick Mommy up. I was so tired I fell asleep on the way to pick her up so her and Grandma decided to go to the store and I let them shop while I slept in my stroller. But eventually I woke up and wanted out of the store so we went back home. I was very hungry so I ate lunch and then played awhile. Grandma and Grandpa came over early today so I went out with Grandpa while the Grandmas, Tia Dani and Mommy ate lunch. 
Mommy wasn't feeling well so we didn't go to swimming today and instead we napped for almost three and a half hours. Mommy was worried that I wasn't going to go to sleep till really late. When I woke up she let me play and she got my dinner ready for me. After I ate Mommy cleaned the kitchen while I played some more. I wanted to watch Baby Lamb so mommy put it on for me while she cleaned up my toys. When she was done she went to get my bath ready and while she was doing that I decided to mess up the house. I took all of my toys out of my bin, took all the piyows off the couch and chairs, knocked over some picture frames, turned on the computer, and took the photo albums and magazines out of the coffee table. Mommy was very angry when she came to get me for my bath five minutes later. I just smiled at her and gave her my "you can't possibly be mad at someone this cute" look. But she was. She put me in my excersaucer while she cleaned up and mumbled things to herself that I know I'm not allowed to ever repeat. 
After my bath we read some books, ate boob and it was time to go in my crib. I didn't fuss at all and I fell asleep like the perfect little angel I am!

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