Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 30

Dear Daddy,
Today we had our WIC appointment and I was weighed and measured. I weighed 27 lbs and 8 oz but Mommy said it could not be accurate because I was weighed with clothes and my diaper. Still, I'm a beast! A few more pounds and I can go play for the Niners! 
I had a playdate with Brandon and we had lots of fun today. The Moms had lunch and we played and talked about the 49ers victory and other stuff. 
I also had a massive poo blowout today and it took both Mommy and Adrienne to clean me up. We're talking poop up to my neck! I had to take a bath and Mommy kept saying that she didn't understand how someone so small could make such a mess. I wish they would've gotten a picture of me so I could've showed you but they were too busy freaking out and using a bajillion wipes to clean me up and carefully remove my shirt so poo wouldn't get in my hair. 
Eventually I was squeaky clean and we played some more and then we took a nap since we were exhausted. After we woke up we played some more and then it was time for Brandon to go home. 
We still had some errands to run so Mommy and I walked to Burlingame Avenue and got some things we needed. We also go some ice cream and Mommy shared some with me. On the walk back I got to see two trains go by! I love trains so much and I can say "trĂ©n" now. When we go home Grandma Adela was there waiting for me and there were a ton of boxes in the house too. Grandma took me for a walk and when I came back I saw those boxes wrapped in colorful paper, I think they are my birthday presents! I counted six gifts! I'm not sure what they are or who they are from but I know if I try to figure it out and rip the paper Mommy will turn into dragon lady so I guess I have to wait until Sunday to find out what's in the boxes. 
Miss you so much Daddy, wish you were here, but every day is one day closer to seeing you again and being by your side.

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