Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 37

Dear Daddy,
Today was my birthday! Mommy woke me up singing "Happy Birthday" to me and kissed me until I was just about ready to puke! I woke up feeling icky, all boogery and not too happy. Mommy was sad that I am getting sick, and I honestly think she might be getting sick too.
We had a lazy morning and didn't get dressed till around 10:30 and after that I wanted boob and took a nap. When it was 11:47, the time I was born, Mommy went and cuddled with me and sang happy birthday to me. She's such a sap! She cried too! Oh well, I guess it's understandable, I am the coolest kid ever. 
Later we went to take my exersaucer and other things to the storage unit to make room for all of my new toys at home. After that we all went to Stanford to shop around. I had some chicken noodle soup while Mommy stuffed her face with your favorite portabello mushroom raviollis with the garlic cream sauce at CPK. Finally we went home and relaxed a little. 
Around 6:30 the grandparents, tia Brenda and Abuela Nena came because I was going to eat my smash cake but I wasn't feeling well enough. I had some but I didn't dig in like yesterday. I was just tired and feeling icky. 
Mommy hopes I get better before Wednesday so I can get my shots...I think not! I dont want shots so maybe I can get away with them...buahahahahah!

PS: I loved talking to you today. It was the best gift ever!

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