Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 39

Dear Daddy,
Mommy and I are still sick. I woke her up every two hours and would eat a little then go back to bed so it was no surprise when Mommy woke up very exhausted in the morning. She really wasn't feeling well at all. I felt bad so I stayed in bed until 8:30 and eventually she got up to take a shower, hoping that would make her feel better. After getting ready she let me go into the living room while she got my breakfast ready. Julia saw how sick Mommy looked so she told her to go back to bed for a little and she fed me. She felt very weak and when I wanted boob and wanted to take a nap she was happy because she would be able to nap too. After our little nap Mommy had some breakfast while I watched a movie. She took some medicine and just relaxed in bed while I played in my crib. After about forty five minutes or so, Mommy felt a little better so she did her make up and changed and then got me dressed and we all went out to the mall. Mommy got some plates that she wanted at this one store and then we headed off to the doctor because I had my one year appointment.
I weigh 26 lbs and 3 oz, I lost a few ounces since I'm sick and haven't been eating as much but the doctor isn't concerned. I measured 31 inches, which means I grew 10 inches in one year! Can you belive that Daddy? If I go at this rate I'm going to be bigger than you in no time! Dr Madanant said that I have a virus, that's why Mommy got sick too, and that there is no need for medicine other than Tylenol or Motrin to relive discomfort. I was hoping that I was going to get away with it since I was sick but I ended up getting FOUR shots! I was angy when they poked me with the needle but I was a big boy and didn't cry alot.
 Turns out I have to get blood drawn too but Mommy said she wont take me to get that done for a few days. Good, maybe she will forget. When I got home I had some chicken soup that Mommy made for the two of us this morning and it was so yummy that I ate an entire bowl of it. I need to get my weight back up!
Love you,

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