Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 28

Dear Daddy,

The weather was so crazy today! There was lightning and thunder and rain! And later the sun came out! 

Mommy was off early again today and we went to the mall when she was off because she wanted to buy some pots and pans at Macys since there was a sale. We had to stand in line for such a long time! But finally, they helped us and Grandma went to take the box to the car while Mommy and I waited for her at the Disney Store. I loved the Disney store! The big display of stuffed animals was so cool! I cried when Mommy took me away from there because I wanted to climb in and play with all the Mickeys and other stuffed animals. Since Halloween is just around the corner the costumes are out for sale and Mommy put a Captain Hook pirate hat on me and I really liked it! I looked so handsome! Mommy wishes she got a picture of me with it but Grandma took her camera and phone.  I cried when Mommy took the hat off! I need it. Mommy says I'm throwing too many fits lately. I think she's being silly and unreasonable.
We shopped around a little longer but Mommy and I both started to get tired so we went home we took a nap. We actually slept right through swim class! Mommy told Grandma to wake us up if we fell asleep and she didn't because we were so tired. After we woke up we had dinner and played for awhile and then Grandma and Grandpa came so Grandpa and I went for our walk and to watch the train. When we came back we played and watched a movie and soon it was time for my bath. Mommy put some new pjs on me. They are very cool, like a race car driver outfit!


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