Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 31

Dear Daddy,
Today Mommy worked and when I saw her again I was so happy! I really missed her today and I gave her a big toothy grin as soon as I saw her. She says I melt her heart...she's silly!
We took a small nap when we got home but I kept hearing the train and I decided to wake Mommy up but she was pretending to be asleep so I poked her eyeballs and peeled her eyelids back to let her know that the train was passing. She started getting annoyed when I did that eight times in a row and so she put me in the crib and put a Baby Einstein video so she could sleep for another half an hour. After she woke up she went to take a shower and then Mommy fed me dinner. 
Mommy has decided that I can't be in the exersaucer anymore because I rock it back and forth and today I tipped it over, if Mommy hadn't been there I would've gone face first and maybe even hurt myself. I really am going to miss the exersaucer but Mommy says that she's saving it for my little brother and sister. Then again, she's saving EVERYTHING for them! And Mommy says that we need to make room for all of the new toys that I will be getting for my birthday, so I guess I would rather have the big boy toys than the baby toys.
Speaking of my birthday, we got a package from that says it's from you! But Mommy said I can't open it until Sunday. She also showed me the hat you got for me. It was cool, just pretty big though. I kept wanting to take it off so Mommy didn't get a picture of me in it. 
Love you,

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