Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 26

Dear Daddy,
Today we got to talk to you! I was so happy to hear your voice (even though I didn't say much) and so was Mommy. We're happy to know that you're doing good and we miss you sooooo much.
Mommy worked today so I stayed with Grandma and was such a good boy. But when Mommy got home I started acting up and trying to eat the candles and throw the decorations all over the place. I was just happy to see her! 
I also got a package in the mail from my friends on the What to Expect website. Since everyone's birthday is in September we did a gift exchange and I got mine today. I got a stacking toy and I loved it! I also loved ripping the paper off!

We took a nap and when we woke up Tia Dani was home with her friend and she bought some popsicles from the paletero man. Mommy was eating a popsicle and I wanted some so I started attacking her until she gave me some. But then I had some dinner and after that it was time to play until Grandpa came to take me for my walk. 
Love you so much and miss you like crazy,

PS: Mommy has been trying to update every day with pictures but the  photo uploading tool isn't working very well for some reason

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