Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 22

Dear Daddy,
Today when I woke up Mommy was still in bed which meant that she had to close today. Since I woke up early Mommy put me back in the crib and put a Baby Einstein DVD in hopes that I would let her sleep for at least half an hour more but I didn't want her to sleep. I wanted to play! So I whined for half an hour until she got out of bed and fed me and then got me dressed. 
She put on the shoes that you bought for me a long time ago and wanted to share the pictures so you could see how handsome I am getting! 
(But you already know how handsome I am even without the pictures, right?) 

We went out for breakfast/lunch at Celias and I was having fun playing peek-a-boo and blowing kisses and Mimi and Jannet there while Mommy, Dani and Grandma Koko ate. But after I was tired and when we got home Mommy and I took a nap. I was still sleeping when we had to drop Mommy off but Grandma was going to take to see Tia Hayde so I went with Grandma to drop Mommy off then Grandma and I headed over to visit Tia Hayde. I played with some blocks over there and with other toys and ate while Grandma and Tia Hayde talked. Eventually we came home and I went on hurricane mode making a mess and taking down every toy in sight.  Mommy came home and I was so happy to see her I attacked her with kisses. I was so tired too because I didn't nap much so I started whining and Mommy gave me a bath and gave me boob and I was out like a light bulb in no time!
Love you and miss you a lot!

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