Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 32

Dear Daddy,
Lately we've been having too many busy days, I think it's because of my party. Mommy is being a poop because she's stressing over everything lately! We had to go to the get things for my party. We had to go to Micheals so Mommy  could buy some things for a really cool banner she made for me. It has a bunch of Mickey ears she cut out and a picture in each one of me for each month of my first year. She finished it today and it looks awesome! I loved it so much and both Grandmas and Tia Dani gave Mommy a whole bunch of compliments on it, I gave her a bunch of kisses.
We also had to go pick up the pictures for the banner and Mommy bought a memory card for her camera so she could take even more pictures at my party.
We went home and ate lunch and then we had to go get my hair cut. The lady said I look like a big boy now and I was really good while she cut my hair. Mommy and I had some frozen yogurt because I did so good during my haircut and after that we went to the park. We played on the swings and there were a whole bunch of kids my age there and I played with them. I also started kissing a little girl, she was so cute! And she gave me cherrios so I liked her.
When we got back home I watched a movie and since I was tired I fell asleep while Mommy finished my banner. After that I woke up and ate dinner and then went for my walk with Grandpa. 
Love you,

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