Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 42

Dear Daddy,
I'm writing a day late about Day 42 because Mommy got distracted and forgot about it...silly Mommy! She was too busy talking to you online and she forgot! Well today we went to Jeffrey's and ate some hamburgers. Actually, I didn't really eat burgers, I had some pieces of meat but what I really munched on were on PICKLES! I loved them. Mommy said that when she was pregnant she would cover her burgers in pickles so it's no surprise that I liked them!
I was very happy and was screaming and laughing all the time we were there! All the guys that work there said I was a funny kid.

The rest of the day was boring, and then I had to say bye to Tia Yola because she would be leaving. I am going to miss her, it seems like she just got here and then she had to leave all of a sudden. Mommy put me to bed and then she said that she got to talk to you and then she took Tia Yola to the Airport. As soon as Mommy got back she went into the room to change and then I smelled her and decided it was time for my midnight snack!

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