Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 23

Dear Daddy,
Today Mommy didn't have to work so when I woke up this morning I got so excited I started squaking like a bird. She wasn't happy because it was 6 in the morning. She put me in my crib and put a movie on and I watched it but I got bored and made her wake up and take me out. She had said we had a lot to do today so I thought she wanted me to be her wake up call, guess not!
After breakfast, we all started getting ready but I started getting fussy so Mommy fed me boob and I fell asleep. About an hour later Mommy woke me up because Grandma and Grandpa were here to visit and although I wasn't too happy that Mommy woke me up, I forgot all about it when I saw Grandpa because I knew that meant we could go for our walk! After our walk, I ate lunch and then Grandma and Grandpa left so we could go on our errands. 
We went so many places Daddy! We had to go to buy stuff for my party, diapers, and groceries. That took up the whole afternoon! I don't even remember how many stores we went to but it was alot! By the time we were done Grandma, Mommy and Tia Dani were hungry so they stopped at La Casita Chilanga and ate. Mommy was eating a torta so I told her to give me some...boy it sure was good!
"Hmm this looks interesting..."
"I think I'll have a bite...or two"

"Aw shucks! Who am I kidding? That was delicious! Wait a second...Did I really just eat that whole thing?"


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