Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 43

Dear Daddy,
Today Mommy and I got to sleep in...well, at least until 8:15, it's better than 6 am! When I woke up Mommy changed my diaper and then put me in my crib. She put a Baby Einstein Video in for me and then went back to bed. Eventually, she went and got me out of my crib and attacked me with kisses and hugs. I love playing with Mommy! After that I had some breakfast and then Mommy and I played with my toys some more. We played with my ball popper and my farm for awhile and then Mommy ate breakfast while I saw a video. When she was done she dressed me and I got to wear my new 49ers jersey. I looked very cute and Mommy snapped some cute pictures of me, here's her favorite one:
After Mommy and everyone got ready, we had to go to Target because I didn't have any diapers. Mommy was hoping that I would make it until Friday with the diapers I had because she doesn't get paid until then but she decided to not take any risks. After Target Mommy stopped to pick up some lunch because she had to got to work and she knew she was in for a long day. After that we went to drop her off. 

Grandma took me to see Grandma Adela and Grandpa Toño and we stayed there for awhile until it was time to go to church around 5. I squaked like a bird at church and Grandma was getting mad because I wouldn't be quiet. 
I started getting really tired so Grandma got me ready for bed and put a movie on, hoping that I would stay awake until Mommy got home. I actually fell asleep in my chair while my movie was playing and when I woke up Mommy was home! She got out late and wasn't happy about it but she said that it didn't matter because she was finally able to see me. I hadn't seen her in almost nine hours so I was so excited to see her that I kissed her whole face and wouldn't stop saying Mamá. It actually brought tears to her eyes, but then again, you know how sappy she is!
Miss you Daddy,

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