Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 40

Dear Daddy,
Today was a very boring day but it was cool because Mommy and I got to talk to you and see you on the computer! Mommy was so happy she couldn't stop smiling and I was happy too. I hadn't seen Mommy smile that big since you left. Well, except for when she sees me of course! She was very frustrated because she couldn't get you to see us but she's hoping she can fix that.
I'm feeling much better now, and I'm trying to climb onto furniture now but I think I'm too fat! I'll keep trying and hopefully I will be able to climb onto everything!
I love you Daddy, and I cant wait for you to be home so I can hold your hand and play with you. Mommy says sorry that she hasn't uploaded pictures lately but she can't find the cord for her camera. Then again, it's probably because there is a huge mess in the room! Mommy has been wanting to fix the room but today she had to do lots and lots of my laundry and make me some food so she had no time. 

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