Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 27

Dear Daddy,
Today Mommy was off work early and we had to run a whole bunch or errands! First we went to the Verizon store so Mommy could pay the bill and suspend your line. After that we had to go to Costco to buy things for my party. When we passed by the toy section I saw so many things I wanted but one thing in particular caught my eye, a rocking horse! I kept pointing at it and saying "thisss..." to Mommy so she eventually took me where the horsey was. I wanted to get out of the shopping cart to play with it and Mommy took me out and sat me on it. It made noise and would move it's head. I loved it! It was so soft and I loved touching its mane. I told Mommy that I need it but she said no. I really loved it Daddy! It's not fair! I threw a fit when we had to leave the horsey there but that didn't change her mind.
When we got home, I ate lunch while Mommy showered and then we took a nap. When I woke up Mommy put me in my stroller because we had to go to the post office and she wanted to stop at the bakery to pay for my birthday cake. We went to the post office and by the time we got to the window they practically closed them in our face. There were no boxes big enough to mail the package we needed to send and none of the flate rate boxes for military people to take home so we could get your package ready. Mommy was angry but she decided to go the UPS. Grandma called us and asked Mommy is she wanted her to pick us up and Mommy said yes because it was really hot. So we didn't go to the bakery but Mommy says we are going on Monday. 
When we went back home it was time for dinner so I ate and so did Mommy and Grandma and after that I played with my toys and destroyed the living room.
 Mommy put a video on and I decided to sing along to "Old Macdonald Had a Farm" when the cow came on, I kept saying "Moo"
After nearly destroying the living room
, Mommy decided it was time for my bath so 
she started getting my things ready. 
I wanted to help so I knocked down the gate. Mommy isn't too happy because she says her baby-proofing (what baby? I'm a big boy!) was all for nothing. I broke the wooden kitchen gate that she bought and I am starting to know how to knock the other sturdy gates down. I also can almost reach the door knobs! She just shakes her head and mumbles "I dont know what I'm going to do with this kid" to herself. She's such a pie! 
I splashed around in the tub and played with all my bath toys until Mommy said it was time to get out.
 I got dressed and we read a few books and then it was time for bed. Mommy was happy because I was in bed, asleep before 8pm. 
Love you,

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