Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 18

Dear Daddy, 
Today Mommy had to work so I stayed with Grandma and Julia until it was time to pick Mommy up. After we picked her up we had to go to Whole Foods so Mommy could buy me some chicken, turkey, beef and fruits and veggies. I was happy to go in because it was hot outside again and the store was nice and cool. Mommy bought me little juice boxes with Big Bird and Elmo on it and since I was so thirsty I drank one while Mommy paid. Mommy said I looked like such a big boy drinking my juice through a straw. But she also warned me that juice is a treat and I can't drink one every day. Boo!
When we got home I was fussy so after Mommy took a shower, she fed me boob and then we both took a nap while we cuddled. Mommy wished someone would've gotten a picture of us sleeping  cause I was hugging her so tightly and so was she. I miss her when she goes to work. I wish she didn't have to leave, I know Koko and Julia take good care of me and play with me but it's not the same, I miss my Mommy while she's gone. Just like I miss you. 
When I woke up from my nap Mommy went to go get my dinner ready. She bought me mini hamburger patties at the butcher shop from Whole Foods and she made me one. It was yummy. But it tasted better when I slathered it in mango puree. You know my weird food combination choices...
After dinner Grandma and Grandpa came over so we went for our walk while Mommy helped Grandma fill out some papers for her disability and made me some fruit purees. After our walk Grandpa and I played and were being our silly selves. 
Soon it was time for my bath and Mommy said I was filthy so she scrubbed me really hard until I was squeaky clean. I wasn't too happy with her for that.
Daddy, we miss you so much. Mommy and I can't wait for you to come home so we can go back to being our usual poop selves. 

PS:Lately I always look towards the picture frame and whine until someone hands me the picture frame with the picture of us three. I love looking at the picture of us and kissing you...I miss you alot

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