Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 24

Dear Daddy,
Today Mommy was off again but we had some errands to do so when we woke up we started getting ready to go and get our things done. We went to the storage unit to take some stuff like the piƱata and some other junk Mommy had laying around the house, I don't really remember because I was half asleep. After that we stopped at some other store where Mommy bought some more things we needed and then we headed over to Tanforan because Grandma had to go pay some credit card. I fell asleep though so I wasn't sure what else they did. When I woke up they were at BJ's and I started getting hungry. Mommy gave me some of her tomato soup and I loved it! I actually was getting mad because she wasn't feeding me fast enough. I also ate some baked potato and some of Grandma's pasta. After, lunch we went home and napped. It did take me a long time to fall asleep so Mommy put me in the crib and watched a movie and eventually I was ready to nap so we both fell asleep for awhile. 
When I woke up I played and then Grandpa showed up so I hurried and ate my dinner and then I went out for our walk. On the way back, we found Julia! I hadn't seen her since Friday so I was so excited to see her! I kept blowing kisses at her and wanted hugs! Mommy got my bath ready and I splashed around and then went to bed. 

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