Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 108

Dear Daddy, 
Mommy worked today so I stayed with Grandma today until it was time to pick her up. After that, we came home and had lunch. I was pretty tired and so was Mommy so we took a short nap, for about an hour and then when I woke up we started getting ready because we were going to see Santa at the mall. Mommy got me dressed and put my Santa hat on and we all went to the mall. As soon as I saw Santa I started running because I wanted to get on his knee and ask him for everything I wanted. I took some great pictures and told him that even though I wanted a Mickey Mouse and some trucks, I really, more than anything, just wanted you to come home.
We shopped around and then we called Grandma Adela to see if she was off and wanted a ride home. She met up with us and we all headed home. We all sat down and had a nice yummy dinner and then Grandpa came over to play with me. I was tired again and Mommy has started something called "weaning" with me so I don't get the boob much anymore. I'm being good about it though, Mommy said she expected more of a fight and that it makes her sad that I'm growing up.

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