Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 109

Dear Daddy,
Today was Wednesday and Mommy was off so in the morning we woke up and had breakfast and then Mommy and I did laundry and started up on dinner. While the clothes were washing and drying Mommy and I relaxed on the couch and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, it's one of my favorite shows ever!

Finally, we were done with laundry so I helped Mommy. I love when Mommy takes me to the laundry room with her and I can help her put the dried clothes in the hamper and then I sit in the hamper and we roll away back home. It's so much fun and I just love helping out! Here is a picture of me in the hamper!
I was getting tired so I took a nap and Mommy took a shower and got ready while I napped. By the time I woke up, Mommy had my lunch ready so I ate and then I got dressed in a new outfit that MOmmy got me. We played and then Mommy let me play with a nutcracker that I kept pointing at. I really love nutcrackers for some reason and get so excited when I see them.

Mommy thought it would be nice if she took me for a walk and we ended up going to Burlingame Avenue. Mommy bought me a cookie and I loved it. It was shortbread cookie with a chocolate center and after I was done I had a bunch of crumbs all over my coat! Right after we got home, Grandma Adela got there and I was so happy to see her I attacked her with kisses.

I was pretty tired so Mommy fed me dinner, and let me play for awhile. Then I drank my milk and took a bath after and got ready for bed. We brushed our teeth, read and said our prayers and then Mommy tucked me in and kissed me goodnight and I fell asleep soon.
Love you,

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