Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 110

Dear Daddy,
Today was Thursday and Mommy had to work so I stayed with Grandma until it was time to pick Mommy up. When we went to pick her up I ended up falling asleep and when I woke up we were at home and I wanted to play with Mommy. We played with my ball popper and then my Mickey Mouse figurines. It was kind of cold to go out so we just stayed inside and played a whole lot.
It was time for dinner soon so Mommy sat me in the high chair and started getting my dinner ready for me. I kept saying "Mama" and when she would turn around I would be picking my nose. I think it's the funniest thing ever and Mommy says that I am such a boy. Of course I am a boy! Silly Mommy!
After dinner, Grandpa came over and played with me for a little while until it was time to get ready for bed. Mommy and I started getting ready for bed and then I went into my crib and went to sleep.
Miss you,

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