Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 119

Dear Daddy,
Today we had another rainy day so when we went to pick up Mommy I wore my raincoat that Mommy got for me. She says she hates the rain but looking at me wearing my raincoat makes the rain seem not so bad because I'm so cute.
We went home and I had my Baba and then took a short nap. When I woke up Mommy got me ready for swimming lessons. I had a new teacher today with bigger kids and since I hadn't gone in a few months I was kind of iffy and didnt want to let go of Mommy but I had fun once I got comftorable. Mommy hopes that I start swimming better and not swallowing so much water as a did today, I told her not to worry, that I will be bringing home the gold medal from the olympics when I'm older.
On the way back home I fell asleep and it was raining outside and Mommy needed to stop at costco so she dropped me off with Tia Brenda and Grandpa so they could watch me for an hour or so. I ended up waking up when Mommy dropped me off and didn't want her to leave but I did have lots of fun. Mommy came and picked me up when she was done and we went home. Mommy fed me dinner and then surprised me with something she got at Costco for me.

It's a recliner! Mommy said she wanted to give it to me for Christmas but she couldn't wait so this was an early Christmas present. I loved it and I love sitting in it and drinking my Baba while I watch a movie. You need to get one of these when you get home Daddy!


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