Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 121

Dear Daddy,
Today Mommy didnt work but we had tons to do! We had to go to Michaels to buy some things so Mommy could so work on our Christmas cards and on Brandon's invitations. Then we had to stop at the mall for the pictures for the cards. Mommy was not happy because they messed up our Christmas cards and Mommy had worked so hard on them. I felt bad for Mommy, she was very upset and when we got home she started working on new ones. When she was done with the design she started working on the invitations for Brandon's birthday party. I let her work while I played quietly and after she fed me lunch I wanted to watch a movie. Mommy relaxed with me too because she said she had a headache. Soon I took a nap and I thought Mommy was going to take one too but she said she had too much to do.
After my nap Mommy was finishing making dinner and it smelled so yummy. She made some yummy pasta. I told her that I wanted some for dinner too. I gobbled up my pasta and had some fruit and also a yogurt. Grandpa came over and played with me. Mommy finished the invitations and then after she was done she realized that she misspelled something on the invitations so she was even more upset because she had to redo everything. She was not happy at all. I was tired so we went to get the bath ready and I splashed around and then Mommy got me dressed and ready for bed.

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