Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 112

Dear Daddy,
Today was Saturday, and Mommy worked but when she was off we went home so she could shower and then we went to Tia Hayde's house cause she made pozole. We stayed there until around 4 when we came home I was asleep so Mommy put me in the crib. I took a nice long nap and later, I woke up and ate my dinner and then Grandma and Grandpa came over to play with me. I was so excited to have them over. Grandpa and I played with my trucks until it was time for me to take a bath. After my bath I drank my milk and Mommy brushed my teeth. Mommy discovered that I have some new teeth coming in, guess that explains why my gums have been bothering me!
Miss you so much Daddy!

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