Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 128

Dear Daddy,
Mommy worked again today and when I woke up I was not too happy because I thought she would be home and she wasn't. I kept saying "Mama" over and over again because I wanted her to come home. Grandma explained to me that we would go pick her up later and to not worry about it. I ate my breakfast and then Grandma got me dressed. I watched Mickey's Clubhouse and then played with my Mickey figurines and then went down for my nap because I was exhausted since I started off my day before seven.
Grandma went and ran some errands and she left me with Tia Dany. I was napping though so I didn't even realize she was gone. When I woke up, I played with Tia and then Grandma came home and we went to go get Mommy. We came home and I had my lunch and so did Mommy. I played quietly while Mommy ate and then watched a Baby Einstein movie. I wanted to run around so I did and then I started getting whiny because it was time for my afternoon nap. Mommy gave me a baba and I wasn't happy because we ran out of milk and Grandma had gone to get some and was taking forever because she ended up going somewhere else. Mommy left me in the crib to see if I would go to sleep but I wanted more milk so I refused to sleep. When Grandma got home I drank a little more milk and Mommy and I both took a nice nap.
I had my dinner when I woke up and then Mommy and I played until Grandpa came over. A box came and it was for me but Mommy said that I couldn't see it until Christmas because it was a gift from you. I'm excited to unwrap all the gifts that are under the tree for me! Mommy also said that Santa will be bringing me something on Christmas morning. I really want you home so if Santa tries to come and get you Daddy, don't be scared, it's just because you're the best gift ever.
Miss you so much,

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