Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 122

Dear Daddy,
Today was a pretty boring day. We stayed at home until it was time to pick Mommy up and after that, Mommy fed me my lunch and then we got ready for nap time. Mommy did some laundry while I napped and then just relaxed because she was really tired. When I woke up we played and then Mommy and I sat down and read about twenty books. Mommy says that she loves that I love books like her.
Later, Grandma and Grandpa came over. Mommy had asked Grandma if she could pick up the new pictures (for the invitations and the christmas cards) before she came home so Mommy was happy and started working on both of those. They turned out great! Here is a picture of our Christmas card!

"Wishing you the simple joys of love and laughter this holiday season & always.
The Maganas
Jesus Melissa & Gabriel"

Mommy was not as pleased with the outcome, but you know how she likes it to be PERFECT and hates a single little flaw. I told her they look good, I think she was just upset because she couldn't put a pretty picture of the three of us this year, but I bet next year's card will be awesome. I just can't wait till you come home Daddy!

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