Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 106

Dear Daddy,
Today was Sunday and Mommy didn't have to work today and we slept in til 8:30. When I got up I went to the kitchen and told Mommy that I was hungry. Mommy made me a very yummy  breakfast for me, she made a scrambled egg with some cheddar cheese and some mashed banana and apple sauce. I also ate a yogurt. I was so full after breakfast that Mommy and I decided to play soccer so I wouldn't be too full. Mommy got me dressed because Grandma Adela and Grandpa Toño were going to come by around 10:30 to have breakfast with us. Mommy started setting the table but the forks kept disappearing because I kept taking them and putting them in my toy bin. Mommy discovered me but instead of getting mad she hugged me real tight and said that she loved me so much. 

Grandma and Grandpa came over and they all ate. Grandpa played with me and later, Tio Eve, Tia Nico, Tio Elmer, Tia Ely and Baby Alicia came over. Alicia is so big now, not as big as I am but she is not a little tiny baby anymore. I can't wait until I can play with her. I kept bringing her some of my toys but she didn't play with them. Soon everyone went home and we got ready to leave too. 

We went and got our Christmas tree! I had fun choosing the right one and they tied it to the car and we brought it home. Mommy  and Tia Dany started putting the tree up. I loved watching all the strings of lights go up and then Mommy showed me some white birds that she puts on the tree and I started singing "bird bird bird". I really wanted to help but Mommy explained to me that the tree was dangerous  and not a toy and after that I stayed away from it. I would occasionally walk over to it and  look at it and point at it but Mommy said I was a good boy because I wouldn't touch. 

After the tree was up Mommy and I played with my farm and we made farm noises. I kept laughing when she made the chicken noise and then I would make the cow sound  and I would clap after. I had so much fun. They day seemed to pass by so quickly and I was surprised when it was dinner time. I ate and then watched a movie to relax  and then Mommy started getting me ready for bed.

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