Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 126

Dear Daddy,
Today Mommy worked in the morning and was off pretty early so we went and picked her up and then we went to Target so Mommy could buy some wipes for me and wrapping paper. We saw Grandpa Toño there and he bought me a nutcracker in dress blues. I was so excited and I love my nutcracker because it's a Marine just like you Daddy!
After Target we came home and I ate my lunch and played for awhile until it was nap time. Mommy took advantage of that time so she could clean my toy bins and wash my cloth diapers and then when I woke up she was ready to play with me. We played for awhile and then I told her I wanted to watch a movie so she let me while she got ready for her Christmas party for work. Mommy got all pretty and I thought she was going to to take me with her but she told me that I was going to stay with Grandma for about two and a half hours but I was going to be sleeping. So I took my bath and Mommy got me ready for bed and read me a few books and then tucked me in. I promised I would we good for Grandma and I went right to sleep like a little angel.

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