Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 114

Dear Daddy,
Since Mommy was off today I got to wake up and see her. She fed me my breakfast and we watched Mickey's clubhouse together on the couch. Mommy got me dressed and told me that we were having Brandon and Adrienne come over so we could play. I was very excited because I hadn't had a playdate with Brandon in forever because we all got sick! I had lots and lots of fun playing with him today and I got to show him my walking. He still can't walk but I told him he needs to hurry up so we can run away from the Mommy's and play football outside. He promised to work on it.

After they left, I took a nap and when we woke up, I ate my dinner and Mommy got me ready because Tia Angelica made tostadas so we went over. I played with Grandpa and also with Beto. Beto was playing with his wrestling action figures and he let me play with one.
I was so tired, we got home and I took my bath and then we started up our nightly routine. I was asleep in no time!

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