Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 123

Dear Daddy,
Today Mommy was off but she had to run some errands so I stayed with Grandma. I even went to work with Grandma to the house where she works! I played with Alex and he let me borrow some toys from when he was younger. I also got to see all the nutcrackers they have there. I was so excited and Alex let me hold one! Nutcrackers are my favorite! Around 1:30 Mommy and Adrienne came and got me and we went to Mr. Pickles to get some lunch. I got to hold Mommy's bag of chips and I squished the bag so hard in the car that they popped
everywhere. We had to pull over because Mommy didn't want me to eat a chip and choke, plus the chips were jalapeƱo flavored. Mommy and Adrienne at their sandwiches at home and then a little later Adrienne left and Mommy put me down for my nap. Mommy took a nap too because she was very tired too.
After our nap we played awhile and then Mommy fed me my dinner and then let me run around for awhile.



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