Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 127

Dear Daddy,
Today was a very boring day, again. I went to the mall with Grandma and Tia Dany while Mommy was at work and was excited to see the disney store. I begged Grandma to take me there and she did. I wanted so many things and wanted to climb all over the display of stuffed animals but Grandma didn't take me out of my stroller. Soon it was time to pick Mommy up and we went to Costco to buy things for our Christmas dinner. We had lunch at Costco and then went to Lucky's to buy more things we needed for the dinner. I was so tired so I was happy when we came home and took a nap. Mommy napped with me as well, we napped until almost six!
I was hungry when I woke up and Mommy gave me my dinner and then Grandpa showed up with Tia Angelica and Jesusito. We all played while Mommy and everyone else ate dinner. Then it was time for me to get ready for bath time and I got to spash around. I brought in all my Mickey Figurines with me and kept saying "Haa Goog Haa Goog" which means I'm singing the "Hot Dog dance song" from Mickey's Clubhouse.
After Mommy dried me off and changed me, we brushed both my hair and my teeth and then read my favorite books and then we said our prayers and Mommy tucked me in. After I drank my baba I decided I wanted to sing so I didn't fall asleep right away. Eventually I did give in though!

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