Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 120

Dear Daddy,
Today Mommy started work late so we got to sleep in. Mommy gave me breakfast when we got up and got very frustrated because I refused to eat my egg so she eventually gave up and made me an oatmeal because it's my favorite. After breakfast we sat on the couch and watched Mickey's Clubhouse. When it was done, we played for awhile and soon I was getting cranky because I wante to take a nap so Mommy put me in my crib and then I napped while Mommy started getting ready for work.
At lunch I ate lentil stew that Mommy made for me and I also had some applesauce and a yogurt. I was hungry! Mommy changed me and got my diaper bag ready because I was going to go to a party at Geny's house with Grandma and Tia Dany. Then we headed to drop Mommy off and headed to the party.
I had so much fun Daddy, because I played with Chocolate, Geny's doggie. I loved the doggie and the doggie loved me. I told Grandma that we needed to convince Mommy to get me a dog. I ran around all through Geny's house because there is so much room to run. I was so tired because I skipped my naps but I was having too much fun to nap! Soon it was time to go home but Grandma cleaned me up and put me in my pjs because she knew I would fall asleep in the car. She was right, last I remember we were pulling out of Geny's driveway!
When we got home Mommy was with us and she gave me my baba and I sat on my recliner while I watched Baby Einstein. Mommy say's I look like such a little man here!

After I finished my Baba I was ready for bed so Mommy brushed my teeth and read my book. We said our prayers and then she put me in the crib. I was so tired I fell asleep right away.
Love you lots Daddy!

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