Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 53

Dear Daddy,
Today Mommy had to work again and I stayed with Julia and Grandma. We played with my toys and went for a walk. When we went to pick Mommy up, since we left early, we went for a walk around Foster City until it was time to go see Mommy. I missed her so much so when I saw her I smiled and tried walking towards her. I took three steps toward her and wrapped my arms around her. I gave her a huge kiss and smiled. She smiled too, I know she misses me a lot while she's at work, she says she has to hug and kiss me enough for the two of you guys.
We went home and ate lunch and then we took a small nap. Then we had to go to Burlingame so Mommy could get her eyebrows done. I fell asleep the whole time and woke up when we were in the makeup store. Then Grandma picked us up and we went home. We ate and then I went for a walk when Grandpa came and picked me up. After that it was time for us to get ready for bathtime and bed time.

PS: My Captain Hook hat for my costume came in the mail and Mommy could not resist taking a picture with me in it

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