Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 75

Dear Daddy, 
Today Mommy had to work so I stayed with Grandma. We did some laundry and played with my toys and then it was time to pick Mommy up. We came home and Mommy had lunch with Grandma while I played with my toys. Grandma had to go to work so Mommy and I were alone. Mommy put Baby Motzart for me while she did her exercises. She did an extra workout since I wanted to watch Baby Macdonald and when she was done she took a shower and we went down for a nap. 
I woke up only an half an hour later and was not going to sleep. Mommy decided that we should go to the park and to get some frozen yogurt. I went in the wagon and off we went. I ate pretty much half of the small frozen yogurt Mommy got and then we went to the park where I went down the slides, went on the swings and played in the plastic train. It started getting cold so we headed back home.
Once back at home, Mommy started getting dinner ready. I had some chicken soup with veggies and also some pasta with cheese. Mommy also gave me a special treat, she made a mango milkshake and I drank it right away and wanted more. She still had some left over in the blender so she filled my cup again but I only drank half. When Mommy took me out of the high chair I went over to the fridge and I pulled out one of my YoBaby Blueberry yogurts and handed it to Mommy. So I had a very big dinner!
Mommy and I played for awhile and then we made a video for you too. Then it was time to get ready for bathtime. I was very tired but I went over to my toy bin and pulled out "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" and went back over to Mommy so she could read it to me. I wanted her to read it twice and when she was done I said "Moon" because I wanted to read "Goodnight Moon" too. After that we went to the room and I went to sleep in my crib. I was so tired!
Love you forever and always,

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