Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 67

Dear Daddy,
The day started off around 8 for us, Mommy changed my poopie diaper and I wasn't done so the woman got punished by me pooping on the bed. She turned around to put the dirty diaper in the diaper genie and then sat down on the bed to put the clean diaper on me. Right when she sat down...SPLAT! She sat on my poop. You should've seen her face when she realized there was poo on her thigh. She cleaned up and then put the sheets in the wash and went and gave me breakfast. I was very hungry and ate one egg with cheese, banana, apple and papaya, and some milk. Oh, and a yogurt. Durning breakfast, you called and we got to talk to you! I was so happy to see you.
After all that, we got ready for the day and went to buy some new sheets at Ross. Then Mommy told me that Brandon was coming over for a playdate so we went home. I had so much fun with Brandon today. The Mom's put our Niner's jerseys on and took a bunch of pictures of us. 

They also tried getting one of us in our halloween costumes but we weren't having it! So they gave up. Soon we had to say goodbye and then Mommy and I took a little nap. When I woke up I was cranky and wanted Mommy to hold me the whole time. She hopes I'm not getting sick, I hope I don't get sick either. When it was time for dinner I didn't really want to eat and then at bedtime I gave Mommy a hard time going to sleep. Hopefully it is just teething!
Love you so much,

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