Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 66

Dear Daddy,
  Today, Mommy had to work so I stayed with Grandma in the morning. When Mommy was off, we went to Target to buy diapers. We went through the Halloween section and I went crazy. I love Halloween decorations! I saw a plastic pumpkin and I loved it so much I begged Mommy to get it for me. She wasn't going to get it but I made my sad face and that convinced  her! 
We went home and I played while Grandma and Mommy ate. Grandma was eating ceviche so when she got up to get some napkins, I reached over the table to get a taste. The plate came falling on me and I got shrimp in my hair  and on the floor. Mommy rushed up so fast because she didn't want me to try it. She ran to the bathroom with me to wash my hands and then she saw me chewing on something. She stuck her finger in my mouth and pulled out a half eaten shrimp. Evil woman, trying to hog all the yummyness from me! My day will come though and I shall eat all the chile and shrimp I want! Muahahahhahahaha!
It was time to take our nap so we curled up and fell asleep for two hours and then when woke up, it was time to eat dinner. I ate very well and as I was finishing up, Grandma and Grandpa came over and since I ate so well, I went for a walk with Grandpa.

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