Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 54

Dear Daddy,
Today was Mommy's Birthday! The second best day evo! Mommy didn't work and we slept in till after 8:30. We had breakfast and then started getting ready for the day. After a short nap, Mommy and Grandma told me that we were going to lunch at Benihana and I got excited because I love the rice. 
When we got home, Mommy was excited to find a huge flower arrangement from you! I'm not kidding, it is bigger than me! She was so happy! We took a nap later, and played a whole lot. Soon, enough, I had my dinner and got ready for bed. Mommy was going to go out with Karina so she wanted to leave me sleeping already so I wouldn't give Grandma any trouble. I was good and went right to sleep! I am a little angel after all!

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