Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 56

Dear Daddy,
Today I was sad when I woke up because Mommy wasn't there. I cried a lot, it's not fair that she has to work and leave me. Especially because I still want the boob. I did not want any milk. Grandma tried giving me Mommy's milk in the bottle but that made me angry. How dare they think that they can fool me! Then Grandma tried whole milk but I didn't want that either. I woke up super early, at 6 I was already in the living room playing with my toys. 
We went to church and after that we came home for awhile before we had to go pick Mommy up. Once we picked her up, we went to the mall because Tia Hayde was there and she wanted to give me my birthday present since she couldn't make it to my party. 
After the mall, we went to Grandma & Grandpa's house and I got to meet my Nino's baby Alicia. She is so cute and so much smaller than I am. Everyone said I looked like a tank next to a little VW bug next to her. 

I would hear her cry and would go see what was wrong, I can already see how I am going to be when I have a little brother or sister, I am going to protect them from anyone that tries to hurt them. Mommy kept saying that she remember when I was a baby and getting all mushy-gushy and hugging me and acting like, well, like Mommy does. You know how she is.
We came home and relaxed, even took a little nap, and then went to Burlingame because Mommy had to exchange some things at Gymboree because they didn't fit me. 
After we came home we all had dinner and then got ready for bed. Mommy read "Goodnight Moon" twice to me and I went down to bed very happy and was asleep right away.

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