Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 72

Dear Daddy,
Today I had to go to the doctor's to get my second dose of my flu shot. I was a big brave boy and didn't cry one bit! Everyone was surprised that I was so brave.
After the doctor's office, we went to Stacks. I fell asleep and slept on the bench of the booth but when I woke up Mommy shared some of her frittata and I had some milk too. It was all very yummy.
We came home and I had my lunch and then Mommy put a Baby Einstein movie in while she did her exercises. After both her workout DVD and my Baby Einstein videos were done we played but Mommy was a big pile of mush because the workout made her very tired. Soon we decided it was time for a nap so we slept on the couch and when I woke up Mommy was finishing dinner up and then we went for a walk. We saw the train pass by at least 3 times and I was so excited to see it. Soon, we went home and then set the table. When Grandma came home we all sat down. I had albondigas and ate everything. Then I started acting silly and making everyone laugh.
  As, you can see, I am a huge dork, just like you. But I love making everyone laugh! Grandma Adela and Grandpa Toño came over so I played with them until it was time for bathtime and bedtime.
Miss you so much!

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