Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 62

Dear Daddy,
Today, since Mommy was at work all morning, Grandma and I did some chores and then we decided to go visit Grandma Adela. I had a whole lot of fun because I got to play with the kids and especially Beto. I had so much fun playing with him! Soon, it was time to get Mommy from work. We came home and Mommy was not happy because I decided not to nap today. Mommy was exhausted and she just wanted to sleep but I was being difficult.
We decided to play with my toys and then later Grandpa came and we went for a walk before dinner time. It was so much fun to get to go out and see something other than the living room. I ate some dinner when I got back from my walk and played a little with Grandpa and soon we started getting ready for bed.

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