Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 57

Dear Daddy,
Today Mommy was surprised that we woke up at 9:25! I guess we were both very tired! When we woke up, Mommy made the bed and cleaned the room and then we went to get breakfast. I had some apples & cinnamon oatmeal,  a little container of yogurt and some pear-applesauce. Mommy put a video on so she could shower and then after that I got to play with my toys and Mommy. Around 11 I started getting fussy but Mommy put me in my seat and put another video on so she could cook something real quick but when she looked at me I was asleep. She had lunch and watched tv, then I woke up and she held me and we both cuddled on the couch and took a two hour nap. It was nice to just nap like that, we use to do that when I was a baby! When I woke up for good, I had lunch and then we played. Soon Mommy started getting me ready to go outside and I put on a new jacket that Mommy got me and my gloves and hat and we went for a ride in the wagon. It was a chilly day so Mommy was craving some apple cider and we stopped at Starbucks for some. I was curious what Mommy was drinking so once it cooled a little she gave me a sip. I loved it. I can see Mommy and I sharing some apple cider on cold days becoming a tradition. 
We got back home and played some more. Mommy read me like 6 books that I wanted her to read to me and we played with my dump truck and ball popper. It was a great day. Mommy said she loved today too, we both agree that it would have been better if you were here though too.

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