Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 70

Dear Daddy,
Today started off a pretty boring day. Mommy had to work and she got off early but Grandma had to take Tia Dany and her friends to the mall so Mommy and I didn't fit it the car so we had to stay home. Mommy and Brandon's Mommy were talking and since they both said they were bored and that the kids, meaning Brandon and I, were bored at home it was time for an playdate. So the day wasn't boring after all! Brandon and I had a very good time playing together and the Mommies had a good time too. Here are some pictures of today

After Brandon left, Mommy and I took a walk and then I had dinner. I was pretty tired but was giving Mommy a hard time since I was trying to fight sleep. I eventually did fall asleep though and that's good because Mommy was so tired! 

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