Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 69

Dear Daddy,
Today when we went to pick Mommy up from work we went to the park first at Foster City and I saw a whole lot of ducks! I was so excited, and I walked a whole lot today holding onto Grandma's hand. When I saw Mommy come out of Starbucks, I  got so excited, I let go of Grandma's hand and went towards Mommy, and took a few steps on my own! I'm getting better, soon I will master this walking skill.
We stopped at Trader Joes to buy some things and we also bought some more pumpkins. Mommy wants us to carve some pumpkins, I don't know what that means so I guess I will have to wait. As we were leaving, Mommy saw that the halloween store was where Circuit  City use to be and she decided to take me in because I love Halloween things. Oh Daddy, it was awesome. Grandma thought I was going to get scared but I loved all the monsters and zombies and spiders and everything. Mommy got me a trick or treating bucket. I don't know why I need a bucket to play tricks on people, guess it's one of those weird things that grownups do.
We went home and Mommy tried to get me to nap but I refused. She ate a late lunch/early dinner and since I stuffed my face with boob I wasn't hungry. Tia Dany had to go look for a dress for some dance and Mommy wanted to go to Macy's so we went and I got bored. Eventually we were done and we went home, I had dinner and then got ready for bed. My tummy is kind of hurting and I have a ton of gas so I feel uncomftorable. Must have been those beans I ate.

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